New York Bakery

Bringing the Brand to Life

New York Bakery company is a brand leader in the Bagel market. However the brand struggled to extend product ranges beyond Bagels. Using our research product, Sensory Space, we deconstructed the bagel experience and tested three alternative ‘USA’ positioning platforms.  The ultimate aim was to own the Bagel experience with an American positioning platform that reflected the consumption experience values.

The ‘Cosmo’ positioning overlapped best with the consumption experience and provided the basis for a compelling brand positioning. The New York Bakery Company now had a brand platform to do what they do best – specialising in bringing the vibrant flavours, contemporary tastes and everyday treats of New York, to kitchen tables. 

Their rich history of taking original recipes that reflect the diverse bakery influences of New York’s cosmopolitan society, the addition of the style, sophistication and the quality demands of New Yorkers, allows them to create everyday treats that lift their consumers’ days. A ideal recipe for a moment’s respite from the demands of a busy life.  All they ask is that we just take a moment to enjoy them.

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