Best Summer Ever

Malibu wanted to reach their jet-setting target market through an airport activation program to promote their content-led ‘Best Summer Ever’ campaign. This campaign focussed on the rise of the summer bucket list for students and young people. Encouraging personal interactions with the brand via social media was a key priority for the campaign, so it was essential that the airport activation campaign engaged its audience on a deeper level.

We designed colourful, brand-centric visual merchandising and bar cladding units, utilising exotic colours and tropical imagery, to drive the association of Malibu with summer bucket lists and create a real connection between the two. Pina Colada cocktails, using Malibu Rum, were served and a buzz was generated from the stall. Extremely positive feedback was received both in-store and online in response to the airport stall.

The activation program ran in London Gatwick airport throughout the summer of 2015 and helped push the Best Summer Ever campaign to new heights. The Summer Bucket List saw more than 200 experiences shared and collated online by Malibu drinkers. These ranged from the easier ‘say hello to a stranger’ to the more challenging ‘organise a 100-person water fight’. The Malibu YouTube channel for the campaign has to date received 21m impressions and 5m views.

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