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“Having worked with many London agencies, I knew that we needed something ‘different’ and I got that with the Space People; genuinely committed with a huge desire to get immersed in the subject matter, which makes life much easier and progression much faster – almost as if it isn’t ‘work’ at all, which is nice. You’ll get creativity, passion and the feeling that you’re their only client – nobody can want more than that” 
Matt Child – former COO Leeds United

The Leeds United 2015/16 season ticket campaign was underpinned by the positioning work we had worked on in earlier in the year.

Real History, Real Future, Real Choice was stage 1 of developing the Leeds United brand. The central image to the multi-channel campaign is a composition based upon an iconic image of the 1970’s Revie side. Using the image as the beginning of a visual timeline the line up highlights the players through the ages to the present day that began their careers at the club. Highlighting the “real history” and the reason to be optimistic of a “real future”. The sub text to the brand truth that Leeds United is successful when homegrown players are in the team.

The real choice element of the campaign is the integral part of the developing brand platform. Leeds United is a real choice, not a band wagon jumped upon by glory hunters but a choice for a fan who relates to a club that does it differently and challenges the status quo.

In collaboration with LUTV we created a short film depicting the story of young girls and boys playing a football match against young Leeds United players. Back to basics football in the park, jumpers for goal posts and the next goal wins – the real “grass-roots football”. The film also had appearances from past Leeds United players who were on the main campaign image.

The result was the fastest sales and largest volume of Leeds United season tickets for 10 years.

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