We worked with the Pernod team on their latest ABSOLUT limited edition bottle, ABSOLUT Originality: a limited edition of 4 million individual bottles.

The campaign focused on activating the bottle with their “Millennial” target audience in major European airports. The ABSOLUT brand is focused on harnessing creativity and collaboration, with its “millennial” audience tech-savvy, social leaders – people who are keen to share experiences and make an impression.

We simply gave the creativity to the “millennial”  audience and created a spin-art concept.  This enabled the audience to create a piece of art in the airport.  Partially pre-printed posters were individualised in duty free with the purchasers name and bottle number.  The would-be artist then got to work creating their own piece of art using the spin-art concept.  Every piece of art was individual due the uncontrollable nature of the spin-art process.

The spin-art machine had an inbuilt camera that photographed the art using an app we coded that was then shared through the purchasers social media feeds – 3500 exposures in the airport became over a million online.

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