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Showcasing ABSOLUT Originality

Individuality is king – and our 4 million individually designed bottles certainly reigned supreme.


million social impressions.


bespoke videos shared.

The Ask

Pernod Ricard wanted to run another limited-edition bottle campaign, targeting millennials in major European airports. But this time, they wanted to do things a little differently and tasked us with finding a way to do it.

Our Approach

ABSOLUT® as a brand is built on creativity and collaboration. While its millennial target audience are tech-savvy, social leaders who like to share experiences and make an impression. So we decided to merge the two together.

The Work

We literally handed the creativity over to millennials. Using our spin-art machine, they were able to create a truly unique ABSOLUT® piece of art right then and there.

How we did it

Partially pre-printed posters were individualised in duty free with the person’s name and bottle number. Then the would-be artist created their piece of art using the spin-art machine. Due to the uncontrollable nature of the machine, each piece was individual. An inbuilt camera captured all the action, which could then be shared on the person’s social media.

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