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Not your average egg rebrand

Taking a step back before you move forward can often present bigger opportunities for growth.

The Ask

Fairburn’s wanted a packaging design for their British Blue® egg. We delivered that – and so much more.

Our Approach

As with all our clients, we got to know Fairburn’s and their business ambitions beyond the brief. We understood they wanted to go from the 3rd biggest egg manufacturer in the UK to the 2nd within 6 months – and their premium British Blue® was the first step towards that.

With a new premium offering, we identified an opportunity to differentiate their products with a considered, tiered approach. Culminating in several Begin Brand Workshops, we developed the brand architecture, strategy and positioning for their premium category, alongside the Fairburn’s team.

From this there was a clear position in the market to own: the special weekend breakfast.

The Work

With the groundwork laid, it was time to build up. We introduced a unique 4-egg skew under the new Fairburn’s Famous brand and developed the look and feel around it.

As the tagline says, this is not your average egg, so ordinary packaging was never an option. Our design team took inspiration from the hens’ diet of flowers, to add real standout on shelf, which continued inside the pack and even on the egg itself. Every point was considered and crafted to create a truly stunning piece of work.

What Fairburn’s asked for:

British Blue® packaging design

What Fairburn’s got:

Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Tiering strategy
Packaging format
Brand look and feel
British Blue® packaging design

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