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Nostalgia and Glory

FASTEST TICKETS SALES IN 10 YEARS! A team as great as Leeds United already had all the ingredients to create an effective season ticket campaign. It was just a case of piecing it all together.

The Ask

Leeds United wanted our help to drum up season ticket sales ahead of the 2015/16 football season.

Our Approach

Underpinned by the positioning work we did earlier in the year – Real History, Real Future, Real Choice – we took a trip down memory lane to remind fans just how great Leeds United is.

The Work

This multi-channel campaign was centred around an iconic image of the 1970s Revie side, which we turned into a visual timeline of top players. Each player began their career at the club, with the subtext being Leeds United is successful when homegrown players are in the team.

We also launched a short film showing young girls and boys playing a football match against young Leeds United players. Styled as ‘back to basics’ football, they played in the park with jumpers for goal posts – the real ‘grassroots’ game. It also featured appearances from past Leeds United players who were on the main campaign image.

Having worked with many London agencies, I knew that we needed something different and I got that with Begin. They’re genuinely committed with a huge desire to get immersed in the subject matter, which makes life much easier and progression much faster – almost as if it isn’t ‘work’ at all, which is nice. You’ll get creativity, passion and the feeling that you’re their only client – nobody can want more than that.

Matt Child

Former COO at Leeds United Football Club

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