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Meet your Match with England Rugby

Developing an “internal brand” to target senior male rugby players and external stakeholders of England Rugby.

Begin has been working with England Rugby to develop an “internal brand” targeted at senior male playing squad and external stakeholders.

The initiative simply involves a panel of high achieving mentors from across the public and private sector who are making themselves available to the players to offer advice on a range of subject matter, such as leadership, to post-playing career direction and guidance.

Begin is helping create an adapted brand look as well as on-and-off-line assets to enable seamless experiences for the players and mentors alike.

Richard Groom, Begin’s Agency Director, has been lucky enough to attend sessions at Pennyhill Park, England’s elite training facility and meet the squad and mentors. “Being an England rugby fan, it was a privilege to attend training sessions.  However, once I got over my school boy excitement, seeing the detail that goes into every session to ultimately drive performance across many different indicators has been an eye opener.  It has reinforced my view that there is so much for sport and business to learn from each other which is ultimately why this initiative is so good for everyone concerned.”

Working with the team at Begin was simple and very productive. They quickly understood the challenges of working with the players and the very busy mentors, creating solutions that delivered for both parties. They were great to work with and went beyond every time – highly skilled, experienced and results driven – you can’t ask for anything more from a team.

Will Carling

Former England Captain

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