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How We Drove Williams BMW to Victory

When Williams BMW aimed for the National Marketing Award at the BMW Retailer of the Year awards, they knew they had a solid candidate with the creative support of Begin.

At Begin, our team worked smart to connect the brand with its audience and target market, improving interactions across various platforms and engaging meaningful connections through effective communication. Our digital skills and ability to execute lively campaigns are our strengths, and this project was no different.

For Williams BMW, our strategy was to illustrate the brand’s journey and successes in 2022 through a video that tells a compelling story. We chose a video format over a traditional PowerPoint presentation, combining real-life footage and statistics into a cohesive narrative.

The outcome was a distinguished awards submission video that captured the attention of the judges and made a lasting impression on the event. The mix
of an informative script and a creative storyboard brought the brand’s story to life, ultimately resulting in a well-earned win for Williams BMW.

At Begin, we take pride in our data mastery and our ability to identify areas of potential improvement to drive a business forward – pun intended. In this case, our data-driven approach helped us pinpoint key areas where Williams BMW could strengthen its relationship with its audience, ultimately propelling the brand to new heights and securing them the esteemed National Marketing Award.

Our work with Williams BMW showcases the power of a solid brand-performance agency partnership. We are honoured to have played a crucial role in their triumph and are excited to continue our shared journey, venturing beyond the conventional and reaching new peaks in the future.

To bring about such an incredible, creative award submission in record timings is absolutely down to your passion, imagination and dedication. This is in addition to the brilliant assets you had created for Williams throughout the year that were highlighted in the film submission.
Michelle Roberts, BMW Marketing Director said that the submission was one of the best she had seen in revieing the awards over the years and that the decision of the win was unanimous by the judges.

Chris Woods

Head of Marketing

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