Breakfast at Harry Ramsden’s – a stretch too far?

29th October 2019

By: BeginBegin

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Do one thing well’. It’s credited to Steve Jobs and is sound advice for brands.

But have you heard: ‘Start your day the Harry’s way’? We’re guessing probably not.

What if we told you the Harry in question is Harry Ramsden, the legendary Yorkshire fish and chip brand? Starting to make sense? No? Still in the dark? Why would anyone want a fish supper at seven in the morning?

Now, the reason we’re talking about this is we recently saw Harry Ramsden’s offering full English breakfasts at a service station. Okay, we get that satisfying the hunger of UK motorists means being open all hours. And the leap from fried fish to fry-ups isn’t exactly a giant one. Never the less, it’s not what Harry Ramsden’s is known for, is it?

Which begs the question, does this diversification in product offering start to confuse how the brand is perceived by customers? And if so, could that confusion have played some part in Ramsden’s recent downturn in fortunes? With such a strong heritage, brand awareness and product offering, it’s surprising that Harry Ramsden’s was recently sold with debts of £5 million.

So, the questions we’re posing to you are: does too much product diversity have a negative effect on a brand? And what brands have done product diversity well?

Well, don’t just sit there dreaming of fish and chips, tell us what you think!


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