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A Rum Brand That Packs a Punch

Having a great product is all well and good. But you also need a solid brand to help drive stand-out and sales – especially at launch.

Our Approach

Roger and Kim explained that while every Caribbean Island has a rum punch they believe is the best, they can really claim that title, as theirs has won stacks of awards throughout the Caribbean. That was it: Very Special Rum Punch had to embody its Barbadian provenance.

We worked with the team at Cutters to develop a brand platform that all communication would be built upon. We then set about bringing it to life visually.


Leaning into Barbadian culture, we developed a brand strategy and visual identity – from the national flag to the striking colours of the local chattel houses and the warm, welcoming nature of the locals.

The Work

The packaging design for the bottles and ready-to-drink cans is as vibrant as the Islands themselves. While the tagline we created, ‘Feel the Warmth’, is a nod to the Barbados way of life, climate and people and the product truth of Cutters Rum Punch as it gently warms your throat.

We went looking for someone to help us rebrand our Very Special Rum Punch to appeal to the UK market and stand out on shelf.  We connected with Begin through a referral from a previously very satisfied client.  Going through the pitch process, Begin’s approach was totally different to the other agencies. The team were thinking about our business as a whole and the steps to being successful, not just the single brand redesign.  
They have been a true business partner and created a world-class brand and presence for us, with three different products. Begin offers the strength of a large agency with the personal attention and care of a boutique consulting firm. We are indebted to the team for all their efforts and continue to grow our relationship as they add value for us at every turn.

Kim Goddard


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