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Begin supported Williams in creating an engaging activation event for MINI Electric at Manchester’s Escape to Freight Island.

Manchester’s Escape to Freight Island was the venue, chosen for its unexpected yet undoubted appeal to Williams MINI’s target audience. The historic industrial architecture provided the perfect environment for immersing guests in all things MINI and MINI Electric. We named it A MINI ESCAPE: SUPERCHARGED and began by visualising how to bring the inspiring event space to life.

Darkness and Light

The venue featured a dramatic contrast of a dark warehouse and a bright and vibrant plant room. So we took this into account when deciding how to activate the brand in each area.

The cars were displayed in the warehouse, and we added to the atmosphere with glowing neon lights, 3D POS, car livery and directional signage.

The plant room was where the entertainment took place and we transformed the space into the Williams Electric Lounge, with live music, pizza and mocktails for all. Exclusive gifts to take home ensured the event lived on beyond the day.

Surprise, Delight and Purchase

Hundreds of guests attended and Williams MINI received tons of glowing feedback. With the hard work done, sales, leads and engagement continued momentum, underling the electrifying effect that true brand performance can deliver.

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